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​One of my first memories is when my grandmother helped me quilt a potholder. I now wish I had saved it but I was only 4 or 5 and wanted to use it. This was one of the only memories I have of my grandmother since she died a short time later. My family had many stories about all of the crafts she did in her life and how well she did them. This was one of the many reasons I grew to love crafts. Another reason is my parents love of handmade items. There has never been a time in my life that I don't remember my parents doing things with their hands. My mother taught me to be creative and always encouraged me to try new things.

My frames feature aspen and pine that was harvested by my parents. It takes more work to get the wood ready to make the frames but the finished product is well worth it!

Photography is my newest outlet. Look for it in my shop with the option to buy it as a digital file or a framed print. I love taking photos of the wildlife, flowers and landscapes when I travel and especially near Cloudcroft, New Mexico. The wild horses are my favorite! Love driving around looking for them! I'm also looking for a magnificant Bull Elk and will add it when I find one.

I am constantly creating and will be adding more items as the days go by so please feel free to stop in and see what's new. I hope you enjoy browsing my shop!

Bee's Handmade Gifts is located in Cloudcroft, NM.