Framed Photography

Custom Handmade Wooden Frames with Beautiful Photos
Framed Butterfly

Framed Butterfly

Know someone who loves butterflies? This custom framed butterfly photo would make them happy. Available in many sizes and with different frame finishes.


Window Framed Fireplace Photo

This beautiful photo is of an old fireplace I found near Cloudcroft, New Mexico. The technique used makes it look like you are looking through a window. The photo is encased in resin so will always stay beautiful.

Grandpas Plow

Grandpa's Plow

This photo I've named "Grandpa's Plow" is a photo of a plow my Grandpa used on his farm. The custom frame I made for this photo has it's own rustic charm.

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All are available as custom orders if you don't see exactly what you want!

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